Come Watch the First-Ever Invention Convention in Virginia!

Get ready to witness the innovative ideas of young minds at the first-ever Invention Convention in Virginia, brought to you by the Norfolk Innovation Corridor, in partnership with Raytheon.

This exciting event, taking place on May 20th at Selden Market, is set to be an unforgettable experience where students from Norfolk Public Schools will showcase their problem-solving abilities, entrepreneurial spirit, and boundless creativity.

Empowering the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

Invention Convention is a K-12 program that aims to empower students with essential skills in problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and creativity. By participating in this event, students have the opportunity to develop and showcase their inventions, demonstrating their ability to identify real-world problems and find innovative solutions. It’s an event that highlights the brilliance and potential of future problem solvers and entrepreneurs in the Norfolk area.

The Unveiling of Genius

At the Invention Convention student inventors will take center stage as they pitch their ingenious creations to a panel of judges. These young innovators have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to bringing their ideas to life. Their inventions represent the culmination of their hard work, creativity, and determination.

The Invention Convention provides a platform for them to present their ideas to a wider audience, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and inspiring others along the way.

Be Part of the Innovation Movement

The Invention Convention is not just an event; it’s an opportunity for the community to witness firsthand the power of innovation and the potential of young local minds. By attending this convention, you can show your support for these talented students and encourage them to pursue their passions. It’s a chance to be inspired, to engage with the next generation of inventors, and to contribute to the nurturing of a culture that values creativity and problem-solving.

Join us at Selden Market on May 20th to be a part of this momentous occasion and witness the incredible inventions that will shape our future. Let’s celebrate the power of innovation and inspire the next generation of inventors!

Visit the Invention Convention website for more info.